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Thorough Disinfection Conducted after Airport Cleaning Staff Confirmed to be Infected with COVID-19<br>AA Strengthens Guidelines to Contractors to Protect Passengers and Staff


(HONG KONG, 18 July 2020, 2200hrs)  –  Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has been notified by contractor ISS that a toilet cleaning staff was tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier the staff participated in the COVID-19 test provided by the Department of Health for airport staff. It is understood that he showed no related symptoms before the confirmation of being tested positive.

The staff last reported duty on 17 July. The cleaner worked at one of the male toilets on the departures level of the restricted area. That toilet and the resting room the staff had visited have already been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Other staff who were on shift work at the male toilet and the nearby female toilet will not come to work for 14 days.

ISS staff working at the airport is tested regularly for COVID-19, with around 85% of the staff already tested.

The AA has stringent guidelines for airport service providers and contractors to ensure the public health safety of airport staff and passengers. In the wake of the case the AA has strengthened the guidelines with a view to enhancing protection for passengers and staff, which include requirements such as mandating frontline staff to wear protective gear provided by the contractor, reviewing staff’s reporting hour to avoid gathering of crowds, using non-face-to-face methods for team briefings, reminding staff to reduce gatherings and scatter break times, reminding staff to receive test for COVID-19 on a regular basis, and reporting to the Integrated Airport Centre immediately if any staff is confirmed to be infected.

Department of Health provides free COVID-19 tests for airport staff, with 500 daily quotas. The AA has all along encouraged airport staff to participate in the test.

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