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Airport Express Only Shuttles between Airport and Hong Kong Station from 1700hrs on 19 October


(HONG KONG, 19 October 2019, 1030hrs)  – Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has been working with its business partners and public transport operators to implement measures with a view to ensuring smooth operations of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). From 1700hrs on 19 October until close of service, Airport Express will only shuttle between HKIA and Hong Kong Station. Airport-bound Airport Express trains will only take passengers from Hong Kong Station to the airport, while city-bound Airport Express trains from the airport will only stop at Hong Kong Station.

In-town check-in service at Kowloon Station will be suspended from 1600hrs until close of service today, while in-town check-in service at Hong Kong Station will remain normal.

Access control at the terminal buildings of HKIA continues. Only bona fide passengers with a valid air ticket or boarding pass for a flight in the next 24 hours and a valid travel document will be allowed to enter the terminal buildings. Airport security staff and the AA staff will be deployed to Hong Kong Station to assist checks with travellers heading to the airport regarding required documents or proof.

Passengers are advised to allow sufficient time to travel to the airport. Passengers can also check with their respective airlines, or the airport’s website and "HKG My Flight" mobile app for updated flight information.

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