Airport Authority

Invitation to Tender

Three Runway System Project – Contract 3305 – Airfield Ground Lighting System (Contract 3305)

The Airport Authority (the “Authority”) is currently undertaking to expand Hong Kong International Airport into a three-runway system (3RS) which will include new Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) systems for the operation of the additional runway, taxiways and expanded airfield.

The works to be carried out under this Contract (the Works) include the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of AGL systems for the following facilities:

(a) the new Third Runway and associated taxiways;
(b) the new Third Runway Concourse apron;
(c) additional taxiways to the existing North Runway; and
(d) the modification of the existing North Runway AGL system;
The AGL system works required under this Contract mainly include lighting fittings, power supply system and control and monitoring system. The associated civil works such as underground cable ducting system and transformer housings will be carried out by others. The site of the Works will be accessible by sea only. The duration of this Contract is approximately five years. An indicative layout plan of the AGL system works is attached for information.

In addition to the tender for this Contract, Tenderers will be required to submit another tender for an optional technical support services agreement.

The procurement method, conditions for participation and contract award criteria for this Contract and the optional technical support services are detailed in the tender documents.

The Authority hereby invite tenders from contractors with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and the CAPABILITY to design and implement the above AGL system works. Suitable contractors will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience and ability in designing, installing and commissioning major AGL systems. 

Applicants who wish to tender for the above Contract should forward their name and address, together with the name, position, telephone number and e-mail address of their contact person, by fax to Mr. Kevin Poole, Executive Director, Third Runway by e-mail to  

The Authority will advise applicants in writing about the detailed arrangement for collecting the tender documents.

Tenderers will be required to submit a tender bond in the amount of HK$1,000,000 with the tender.

Tenders for this Contract shall be submitted to the Authority not later than 16:30 (Hong Kong time) on 24 June 2019.

All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant.

The procurement of the above works is covered by the Agreement on Government Procurement of the World Trade Organisation.