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Hong Kong - Shenzhen Airports Link
Ferry Service

Ferry Services

Passengers can also enjoy a hassle-free journey between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Shenzhen International Airport (SZIA) by high-speed ferry serving between SkyPier at HKIA and Fuyong Pier at SZIA. Passengers are only required to go through immigration and customs formalities once during the journey.


  1. Passengers arrive at Arrivals Level, Terminal 1, HKIA
  2. At Transfer Area E2, purchase ferry ticket to Shenzhen Fuyong Pier and present baggage tag receipt at the Ferries to Mainland/Macao Ticketing Counter (NO NEED to go through immigration and customs checkpoint)
  3. Scan ferry ticket and check your baggage status at the ferry boarding entrance
  4. Board the Automated People Mover to SkyPier
  5. Board ferry to Shenzhen Fuyong Pier
  6. Upon arrival at Shenzhen Fuyong Pier, go through Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) clearance
  7. Take free shuttle bus from Shenzhen Fuyong Pier to SZIA


  1. Passengers arriving at SZIA proceed to Ground Transportation Centre and take free shuttle bus to Shenzhen Fuyong Pier
  2. Upon arrival at Shenzhen Fuyong Pier, purchase ferry ticket and register for the ferry (Passengers can check-in their baggage and obtain boarding pass if their airline provides the service)
  3. Go through CIQ clearance at Shenzhen Fuyong Pier and board ferry to SkyPier at HKIA
  4. Upon arrival at SkyPier, reclaim baggage and check-in with airlines (Passengers who have completed check-in procedures at Shenzhen Fuyong Pier can proceed directly to Security Checkpoint at SkyPier)
  5. After passing the security checkpoint, board the Automated People Mover to reach the various boarding gates throughout HKIA.


  • SkyPier ferry service is for transfer passengers only. It is not applicable to passengers originating from Hong Kong.
  • Passenger must possess valid travel documents, air tickets and fulfill the requirement of Minimum Connection Time, please visit the Ferry Transfer page for details.
  • Please visit the Airline Check-in at PRD and Macao page for the details of Upstream Check-in Service at Shenzhen Fuyong Pier.

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