Special Announcement

Air Passenger Departure Tax Refund

Passengers who arrive at Hong Kong International Airport by cross-boundary ferry service for onward departure by air are exempt from Air Passenger Departure Tax (APDT). For all exemption categories, please click here.

You can obtain a refund coupon for the pre-paid APDT when you check in at SkyPier or the ports in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Macao. Then collect your refund in cash from the Refund Counter at SkyPier after completing security screening within the same day.

If you have a refund coupon but fail to claim or collect your refund at SkyPier, you can contact your airline directly for refund.

Eligible passengers without refund coupons should apply for refund through the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) of the HKSAR Government by filling in the application form. Details are available on the CAD website.