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Urban & Lantau Taxi & LGV Parking Area

Special arrangements are in force at Hong Kong International Airport for urban & lantau taxis and light goods vehicles (LGV).

LGV and taxis are prohibited from using Car Park 1, 2, 4 and SkyCity Car Park. Instead, they may park at the dedicated Urban & Lantau Taxi & LGV Parking Area at Car Park 3 (see map).

Number of parking spaces in Car Park 3 is limited, please call +852 2183 4360 for enquiries on real-time parking space availability.

Urban & Lantau Taxi & LGV Parking Area charges ( HK$ )
Hourly $16  
First 3 days: $3151
Each day thereafter: $1252
Payment Method3
  1. A flat rate of HK$315 is charged for the first 3 days. Parking fee for one day is charged on a rolling 24-hour basis.
  2. HK$125 per day is charged for the fourth day onwards, in any 24-hour period, parking is charged at the hourly rate or the daily rate whichever is less.
  3. Please settle the payment by Octopus, Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay Card or cash at Customer Services Center located at car park exit.


LGV Loading / Unloading Area

All LGV picking up or setting down goods are required to use the new LGV Loading / Unloading area next to Car Park 1 (see map). For enquiries, please call +852 2183 4360.


LGV Loading / Unloading Area charges
  Loading area ( HK$ ) Unloading area ( HK$ )
First 30 minutes $40 $40
Next 30 minutes $60 $60
Each subsequent 30 minutes $80 $80
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