Special Announcement

Urban Taxi & LGV Parking Area

Special arrangements are in force at Hong Kong International Airport for urban taxis and light goods vehicles (LGV).

LGV and taxis are prohibited from using Car Park 1, 2 and 4. Instead, they may park at the dedicated Urban Taxi & LGV Parking Area at Car Park 3 (see map).

Number of parking spaces in Car Park 3 is limited, please call +852 2183 4360 for enquiries on real-time parking space availability.

Urban Taxi & LGV Parking Area charges ( HK$ )
Hourly $16  
First 3 days: $200
Each day thereafter: $70
Payment Method
NOTE:Please settle the payment by Octopus, Visa/Mastercard or cash at Customer Services Center located at car park exit.


LGV Loading / Unloading Area

All LGV picking up or setting down goods are required to use the new LGV Loading / Unloading area next to Car Park 1 (see map). For enquiries, please call +852 2183 4360.


LGV Loading / Unloading Area charges
  Loading area ( HK$ ) Unloading area ( HK$ )
First 30 minutes $40 $40
Next 30 minutes $60 $60
Each subsequent 30 minutes $80 $80
Automated payment
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