Special Announcement
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The Airport Authority (AA) is working closely with its business partners to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste generated at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) as possible. Recycled materials include cardboard, paper, plastic, scrap metal, glass bottles, food waste, vehicle tyres, spent lube oil, fluorescent lamps, rechargeable batteries and used cooking oil. The AA has set a target to recycle 50% of all waste by 2021.

Waste separation at source

To facilitate the segregation of key waste streams at source such as paper, glass, plastic and aluminium cans, 320 sets of 4-in-1 recycling bins have been installed in public areas inside the terminal buildings. AAHK provides free plastic bags for food and beverage tenants and lounges to facilitate the sorting and segregation of recyclables.

HKIA began food waste recycling in 2003. In 2011 the programme was extended to all catering outlets at its terminals, all airline caterers and major business partners on the airport island. Click here for more details on the recycling programme.

Since 2008 the AA has facilitated the collection of used cooking oil from airport restaurants. In 2014/15, around 30,0000 litres were recycled into biodiesel. Click here for details.



Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

HKIA has participated in the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department's Wastewi$e programme since 2003. In 2014, we achieved "Excellence" level in the Wastewi$e certificate (formerly known as the Gold Wastewi$e Label) as recognised by the Environmental Campaign Committee. This is the twelfth time we have won this award.

Waste Recycling Performance

Waste Recycling Performance

"Others" include glass, metal, waste cooking oil, wood, tyres, lubricating oil, fluorscent tubes, toners, etc.
* Starting from 2011, the AA's food waste recycling programme was extended to other business partners.