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Energy Management

The Airport Authority is committed to reducing the energy consumption required to deliver a comfortable passenger experience and indoor environment in terminals and facilities of HKIA.

In February 2017, the AA received the ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification for Terminal 1. The systematic approach of ISO 50001 helped the AA's Energy Management Office (EMO) to align its existing award-winning approach with the global best practice embodied in ISO 50001. The approach requires organisations to establish, implement, maintain and improve their energy management systems to identify energy reduction opportunities that lead to continuous improvement in energy efficiency.

To further enhance energy efficiency, the AA applies intelligent technology to its daily operations. The following energy saving initiatives will be implemented:

  • Traditional high mast lightings within the apron will be replaced with LED lights;
  • Energy optimisation will be applied to the systems in the Midfield Concourse;
  • Building Analytics will be applied in the North Satellite Concourse;
  • Replacement of traditional lighting with LED lights will be carried out in Terminal 1;
  • A Multi-Stage Control System will be applied to the gantry lighting in Terminal 1;
  • Retro-commissioning of Terminal 1's mechanical, ventilation and air-conditioning system will be carried out to optimise energy performance; and
  • A Smart-to-Charge System will be installed to enhance the efficiency and capacity of the AA's electric vehicle charging facilities.

HKIA's continued energy efficiency enhancement and carbon reduction efforts have achieved the "Excellence" level in the Energywi$e Certificate under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) for nine consecutive years since 2008 as well as a number of other awards

Green buildings and sustainable design

HKIA's terminals are designed to be thermally efficient. They use modern glass façades and building envelopes to reflect heat and reduce cooling loads. Roof skylights optimise natural light during the daytime, and light sensors automatically reduce indoor lighting when there is sufficient daylight. Innovative cooling systems are in place in Terminal 1 to cool only the bottom three metres of our large indoor spaces to effectively provide comfort for airport staff and passengers, while leaving the air above at ambient temperatures.

In 2014 when the Midfield Concourse was opened, a Green Airport Design Strategy was applied to every major building and facility at HKIA. This is intended to ensure that global best practice in airport design is incorporated into every project. Key environmental performance indicators are identified and carried out in the design, construction and operation phases of the new infrastructure.

In 2017, the Midfield Concourse achieved the BEAM Plus Gold Standard, featuring 35 green initiatives. The range of passive and active initiatives includes north facing skylights façade optimisation, high performance glass, efficient energy and meter management system and a 1,200-metre-square solar array.

Energy Performance

Includes AA's facilities such as Terminal 1, Terminal 2, North Satellite Concourse, SkyPier, HKIA Tower, Airport World Trade Centre, etc.