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East to West Food Market

East to West Food Market

The new "East to West" Food Market at HKIA Departures West Hall is now open!

"East to West" Food Market brings to you the finest selection of local, Asian and international eateries. What's more, you may make your payment through Alipay. Come enjoy the appetising fusion of east and west!

Chee Kei

1. Chee Kei

Chee Kei preserves the fine art of wonton noodles by providing exceptional food quality and excellent customer service in a welcoming environment. They strive to connect people through the rich history and mouthwatering taste of Cantonese cuisine.

Yung Kee

2. Yung Kee

Yung Kee is an integral part of Hong Kong’s heritage and culinary landscape, offering both casual and formal dining. It continues to preserve authentic Cantonese flavours by using original recipes and traditional well-honed culinary techniques. It is famous for its charcoal grilled Roast Goose and Preserved Century Egg.


3. Tai Hing

Tai Hing has expanded from a humble barbecue snack shop to one of the most popular chain restaurants in Hong Kong. Today Tai Hing is perceived to be synonymous with comfort food, attracting the public not only for its Chinese-style barbeque meat assortment "siu-mei", but also for its up market "Cha Chan Teng" dishes and award-winning milk tea. Its comfortable environment, value-for-money prices and great service all add to its popularity.

Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung

4. Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung

Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung is an original concept especially created by the 'Demon Chef' himself for Hong Kong International Airport. The 3-star Michelin chef has created a wide array of traditional Dai Pai Dong snacks with a modern twist, based on his belief of "creativity on top of traditional spirits".

Old Town White Coffee

5. Old Town White Coffee

Leading Malaysian white coffee brand Old Town White Coffee values consumer needs and commits to sourcing the finest ingredients to provide the best quality products. This is their first outlet in Hong Kong, serving authentic South East Asian food and coffee.

School Food

6. School Food

School Food prides itself in preparing food with love and sincerity for its customers. Filled with imagination and innovation, the menu of School Food features various snack food such as Mari, a flower-like rice roll combining the concepts of "kimbap" and "roll"; topokki in traditional and fusion recipes; and a selection of specialty drinks and desserts.


7. Baikohken

Opened in Asahikawa 40 years ago, Baikohken has been known as an iconic ramen store that represents the Asahikawa flavour. Baikohken is a Michelin guide recommended restaurant which also won the top prize in the "Asahikawa Ramen Award". Its authentic Japanese ramen menu with soup bases boiled with fresh pork bones and numerous types of fish, creating a delicate and satisfying taste for its customers.

Burger King

8. Burger King

Burger King®, the original "Home of the Whopper" features flame-grilled burgers and is known for their slogan "Your Way". Burger King delivers high quality burgers and services with the aim to fulfil the satisfaction of their customers.


9. O'Learys

O'Learys is a bar and restaurant that offers Western comfort food and drink in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect place for passengers to relax and enjoy a range of western dishes and alcoholic beverages, as they watch their favorite sports games.

O'Learys' menu consists of selected North American dishes, including a number of "Good to Share" dishes such as Nacho Chips and Buffalo Wings.


10. Mövenpick

With over 50 years of history, Mövenpick is a renowned global brand of top quality ice-cream representing the essence of Swiss perfection in gastronomy. There are a total of 134 Mövenpick outlets worldwide with its products available in over 40 countries around the world by 2013. Mövenpick in the Hong Kong International Airport offers a wide spectrum of 17 scrumptious ice-cream flavors, from the classic tastes like Vanilla Dream, Swiss Chocolate and Strawberry, etc to those special yet highly sought after flavours such as Crème Brûlée, Maple Walnut and Stracciatella, etc. Mövenpick was the winner of the Great Taste 2012 & 2013 Awards – the world’s largest and most rigorous food awards scheme.

Map of East to West Food Market

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