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Hung's Delicacies

Hung's Delicacies

The extremely popular Hung’s Delicacies has opened its first branch at Hong Kong International Airport, aiming to promote genuine “Lou Seoi” specialties to all food-lovers who look for value and excellence. This superb bistro received Michelin Star Award in consecutive 3 years in recognition of Ah-Hung’s scrupulous way of cooking and his insistence on food quality. Signature dishes include Chinese Marinated Goose Slices, Duck Tongues in Chinese Liqour, and “Chua Lam’s Mixed Noodle”. Its Hand-made Chili Sauce and Premium XO Sauce use only quality ingredients which certainly are ideal as gifts to friends from home and aboard.

Terminal 2
Level 3
Non-restricted Area
07:00 - 22:00
3197 9332

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