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Maxim's Jade Garden

Maxim's Jade Garden

Maxim's Jade Garden at the Hong Kong International Airport plays as an ambassador and shows Hong Kong's hospitality by presenting the authentic Cantonese flavor. Jade Garden is Hong Kong Maxim's Group's first Cantonese restaurant pioneering Hong Kong's unique Yam Cha culture. We provide finest dim sum and local Guangdong dishes. Our dishes present authentic tastes and healthy elements with NO MSG added during preparation; only time-honed skills and the finest ingredients are used. Maxim's Jade Garden Roasted Goose, Deep-fried Crispy Pork Fillets with Black Vinegar, Steamed Chicken with Sliced Ham and Vegetables and Double-boiled Chicken and Wolfberry Soup in Purple Clay Pot are just some of the many signature dishes, attracting thousands Chinese and foreign visitors of all ages.

Terminal 1
Near Check-in Aisle F, Departures Level (L8)
Non-restricted Area
07:00 - 23:00
+852 2186 6068

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