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Chen Fu Ji

Chen Fu Ji

Chen Fu Ji's logo, shape of a grain of rice, symbolises Asian's rice eating culture. The brand has a long history and famous for its unique fried rice, with the Imperial Gold Fried Rice as the signature dish. Chen Fu Ji's cuisine has a distinctive philosophy, believing in the use of premium sauces and high-quality natural ingredients. By engineering cooking procedures, the cuisine accentuates the original taste of main ingredients used. It also exemplifies "guo-qi" and "huo-hou", two important elements in Cantonese culinary culture. Apart from its signature fried-rice, hand pull noodles which are made a la minute, and various Singaporean specialties, attract numerous tourists everyday to the bistro.

Terminal 1
Food Junction, Departures West Hall, Level 6
Restricted Area
07:00 - 23:30
2261 0347

Terminal 2
Level 6
Non-restricted Area
11:00 - 22:00
3197 9440

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