Special Announcement
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Arriving passengers please follow the simple steps below to complete the arrival procedures.

Please have the following documents ready before proceeding to the Immigration Hall:

  • A valid passport; and a completed arrival card, which is distributed by your airline before landing, or else, please pick up the card in the Immigration Hall; or
  • Hong Kong Identity Card for Hong Kong citizens.

Baggage reclaim
After immigration check, please proceed to the Baggage Reclaim Hall to pick up your bags. Please contact your airline for lost or damaged baggage.

Customs and Excise
You may proceed to Customs and Excise control after reclaiming your bags. Use the red channel if you have items to declare, if not, use the green channel. For declaration guidelines, please go to this website.

Meet and greet
Big plasma TV panels installed in both Arrivals Hall A and B in Terminal 1 allow meeters and greeters to see their arriving friends and relatives right as they enter the Buffer Halls. There is a good selection of food outlets and shops, passengers and other airport visitors can easily get what they want in the halls.

Map of Arrivals Hall A and B in Terminal 1