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Health and medical services

Health and medical services

The Airport Medical Centre, operated by Raffles Medical Group (HK), provides a comprehensive range of health care services including standard clinic consultations, X - ray / laboratory services, first aid / emergency services, stretcher services, vaccination, physiotherapy, Chinese medicine and aviation / travel medicine. For a full list of medical services and the corresponding fees, or for other enquiries and appointments, please contact the Centre.

Location : Room 6T104, non-restricted area of Terminal 1
Telephone : +852 2261 2626 (Western Medicine)
+852 2186 8985 (Physiotherapy & Chinese Medicine)
Fax : +852 2261 0909
Email : hk_airportclinic@rafflesmedical.com
Service Hours : 24hrs daily
(with doctor consultation between 07:00 and 24:00 hrs daily)
*Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine by appointment