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Annual Report 2015/16
Full Report 10.5MB
Cover 2.5MB  
Our Values 24.8KB  
HKIA Facts/ Performance Highlights 98.3KB  
Chairman's Statement 2.2MB  
Chief Executive Officer's Statement 1.6MB  
The Board 4.4MB  
Executive Directors 1.7MB  
Financial and Operational Highlights 29.8KB  
Corporate Governance 1.8MB  
Risk Management Report 48.8KB  
Event Highlights 3.71MB  
Passenger Services 8.8MB  
Cargo and Aviation Services 3.8MB  
Airfield and Systems 4.7MB  
Mainland Projects 6.7MB  
Sustainability and People 5.5MB  
Looking Forward 5.8MB  
Financial Review 191KB  
Report of the Members of the Board 29KB  
Independent Auditor's Report 23KB  
Financial Statements 210KB  
Five-year Financial and Operational Summary 33KB  
Airlines and Destinations 31KB