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Airport Authority Hong Kong Welcomes Proposed New Air Quality Objectives

(HONG KONG, 17 January 2012) – Airport Authority Hong Kong ( "the AA" ) said it welcomes and supports the proposed new Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) announced by the Government today.

Late last month, following the conclusion of the three-month public consultation on Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030, the Board of AA submitted its recommendations to the Government to adopt, for planning purposes, the three-runway option as the future development option for Hong Kong International Airport. The Board also recommended proceeding with the statutory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and the preparation of associated design details. Adding a third runway is to cater to Hong Kong's long-term air traffic growth and strengthen the city's role as a leading regional and international aviation centre.

If the AA receives the Government's green light to proceed with its recommendations, it will adopt the proposed new AQOs as the benchmark for conducting the air quality impact assessment under the EIA studies and  ensure full compliance with the prevailing statutory requirements throughout the EIA process. Spokespersons from the AA said they are not under-estimating the challenges ahead and will explore all possible measures, including mitigation, to address relevant issues during the course of the EIA.

They added that the organisation has been working on a number of air quality improvement measures. These measures include the early retirement of aged or heavily polluted vehicles; wider use of hybrid and electric vehicles; electrification of aviation ground support equipment; and tree planting and rooftop greening.

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