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Airport Authority Welcomes New Air Services Arrangement between
Hong Kong and Taiwan

(HONG KONG, 30 December 2011) – The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) welcomed the new Air Services Arrangement signed today between Hong Kong and Taiwan. The new arrangement will further liberalise the aviation market between Hong Kong and Taiwan and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a leading international and regional aviation centre.

Stanley Hui Hon-chung, Chief Executive Officer of AA, said, “The arrangement will greatly promote the ties between Hong Kong and Taiwan in terms of business, cultural exchange and leisure travel. The increase in cargo capacity is particularly notable, with a strong increase of more than 70% to 3,000 tonnes per week for each side by summer of 2012.

“In addition, the arrangement allows new airlines to operate services between Hong Kong and Taiwan, which will translate into more choices of airlines and flight frequencies for passengers,” added Mr Hui.

Passenger capacity will grow from 170 to 205 flights per week by summer of 2012, meaning an additional five flights a day in each direction between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

At the moment, the passenger and cargo capacities between Hong Kong and Taiwan are 170 flights and 1,700 tonnes per week respectively for each side.

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