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3RS Infokit
3RS Infokit
3RS Bulletin (Issue 01)
3RS Bulletin
(Issue 01)
3RS Bulletin (Issue 02)
3RS Bulletin
(Issue 02)
3RS Bulletin (Issue 03)
3RS Bulletin
(Issue 03)
3RS Bulletin (Issue 04)
3RS Bulletin
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3RS Bulletin (Issue 05)
3RS Bulletin
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3RS Bulletin (Issue 06)
3RS Bulletin
(Issue 06)

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Date Title
18/06/2015 香港機場容量接近飽和 影響極端天氣調度復原 (Chinese only)
02/04/2015 香港國際機場雙跑道運作的局限和空域問題 (Chinese only)
01/04/2015 Time is of the essence for third runway
01/04/2015 Airport expansion – more than just a new runway
30/03/2015 Airport expansion benefits the people of Hong Kong
28/11/2014 香港出路:擴建機場三跑道(Chinese only)
08/08/2014 Three-runway system urgently needed
06/08/2014 Effective measures to conserve Chinese White Dolphins
01/08/2014 Comprehensive measures proposed to manage air quality
30/07/2014 Measures proposed to mitigate noise impact from 3RS
29/07/2014 Wrong approach taken on airport noise
18/07/2014 Green group claims on third runway are way off
09/07/2014 No delay in expanding airport into a three-runway system
28/06/2014 Three-Runway System Measures Effective in Consrerving Dolphins, Say Experts
27/06/2014 Response to concerns raised by certain green groups on air quality assessment in the EIA for the 3RS
24/06/2014 The Airport Authority’s response to concerns on fish species of conservation importance in the EIA report
17/12/2013 打造「綠色」三跑道系統 (Chinese only) (Hong Kong Economic Journal)
30/07/2013 HKIA faces a pressing need for expansion as traffic demand grows faster than forecast
12/07/2012 Airport Authority committed to prudent and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process
07/06/2012 Views on Social Return On Investment, Carbon Audit and Strategic Environmental Assessment