Special Announcement

A Promising Future for the Aviation Industry

Global passenger and cargo traffic are estimated to grow at about 5%*1 annually in the next 20 years, and the Mainland will remain a key driver for growth. According to IATA Consulting’s forecasts, air traffic to and from the Mainland will reach nearly 2.1 billion trips by 2030 while cargo traffic will reach 44 million tonnes. For passenger traffic, the World Tourism Organisation forecasts that the Mainland will become the world's fourth-largest tourist source market and largest domestic tourist market by 2015.

The Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) *2 alone is estimated to see 387 million passenger trips and 18 million tonnes of cargo yearly by 2030. This demand is well beyond the combined capacity of all five GPRD airports (Hong Kong International Airport [HKIA], Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Macao International Airport and Zhuhai Airport).

*1Source: Airbus Global Market Forecast

*2The GPRD comprises the Pearl River Delta plus Hong Kong and Macao

GPRD Airports Capacity and Forecast Passenger Demand (2020 and 2030)

Strong Traffic Demand In Next 20 Years

Since the opening of HKIA at Chek Lap Kok, air traffic growth has been phenomenal. Passenger and cargo volumes and the flight movements have all more than doubled. HKIA's aviation demand is forecast to continue growing healthily over the next 20 years, even after taking into account factors such as cross-strait direct flights between Taiwan and the Mainland, and the Express Rail Link (XRL) that connects Hong Kong to the Mainland’s high-speed train network.

Kai Tak in 1998
(one runway)
HKIA in 2012
(two runways)
Demand Forecast for HKIA up to 2030
Total No. of Passengers
(millions of passenger trips)
28.6 56.5 102.3
Total No. of Cargo
(millions of tonnes)
1.6 4.03 8.9
Total Flight Movements 163,000 352,000 607,000