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Transportation Economics and Intervention Options for Improved Monitoring and Control of the Trade in Live Reef Food Fish
Name of Applicant : ADM Capital Foundation
Brief Description : To gather new empirical data on Live Reef Food Fish Trade (LRFFT) and explore ways for improving the management and monitoring of the LRFFT.
Duration : November 2013 – October 2014
Approved Amount(HKD) : 320,000
Reference No. : 130501
Status : Proceeding
Food Angel – Food Rescue & Assistance Program
Name of Applicant : Bo Charity Foundation Limited
Brief Description : To rescue surplus food from catering and restaurant outlets located at and in the proximity of Hong Kong International Airport and turn this otherwise wasted food into meals to serve to underprivileged communities.
Duration : July 2013 - May 2016
Approved Amount(HKD) : 1,686,222
Reference No. : 130101
Status : Proceeding
ClimateWatch Community Engagement Programme
Name of Applicant : Earthwatch Institute
Brief Description : To engage the community in observing and recording seasonal changes of plants through smartphones for ClimateWatch, a citizen science program initiated by Earthwatch to predict and understand the impacts of climate change
Duration : April 2013 - April 2014
Approved Amount(HKD) : 288,640
Reference No. : 121001
Status : Proceeding


Hong Kong Kids Ocean Week
Name of Applicant : Ocean Recovery Alliance
Brief Description : To promote awareness of the effects of plastic on marine and coastal ecosystems by engaging schools and the community in a number of activities.
Duration : 5 - 14 November 2012
Approved Amount(HKD) : 250,000
Reference No. : 120801
Status : Completed
Micro Carbon Operation
Name of Applicant : The Climate Group
Brief Description : To catalyze the development of a low carbon community to combat climate change through enrichment of climate change knowledge and collective efforts among the public.
Duration : July 2012 - September 2013
Approved Amount(HKD) : 925,000
Reference No. : 110901
Status : Completed
Finding Pipefish in Hong Kong 2012
Name of Applicant : Eco-Education & Resources Centre
Brief Description : To investigate the distribution and habitat preference of Pipefish through underwater surveys and fish larval (ichthyoplankton) sampling in Lantau water.
Duration : April 2012 - September 2013
Approved Amount(HKD) : 150,740
Reference No. : 120301
Status : Completed


Finding Pipefish (Sea Dragon) in Hong Kong
Name of Applicant : Eco-Education & Resources Centre
Brief Description : To understand the distribution, population size, body size and habitat preference of local Pipefish (Sea Dragon) through underwater pipefish surveys at north western water of Hong Kong.
Duration : September 2011 - April 2012
Approved Amount(HKD) : 50,000
Reference No. : 110801
Status : Completed

Last update: 15 Nov 2013