Special Announcement
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We strive to become a world class corporation with a leadership position in airport management and aviation related business, contributing to the prosperity of Hong Kong. We are looking for high calibre individuals to join our professional team.

Job Title
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Partnership (Ref: AVA16-0077-W-01) 2016/06/30
Manager, Instructor (Ref: AVA16-0076-W-01) 2016/06/30
Surveyor (Ref:CWD16-0293, 0299-W-01) 2016/06/30
Survey Officer (Ref: CWD16-0297, 0304-W-01) 2016/06/30
Project Quantity Surveyor (Ref: CWD16-0294, 0298-W-01) 2016/06/30
Project Inspector, Civil (Ref: CWD16-0287-W-01) 2016/06/30
Project Engineer, Safety (Ref: CWD16-0290-W-01) 2016/06/30
Project Engineer, Civil (Ref: CWD16-0279, 0288-W-01) 2016/06/30
Manager, Structure (Ref: CWD16-0285-W-01) 2016/06/30
Manager, Electrical and Mechanical (Ref: CWD16-0286-W-01) 2016/06/30
Manager, Civil (Ref: CWD16-0284-W-01) 2016/06/30
Construction Superintendent, Systems (Ref: CWD16-0283-W-01) 2016/06/30
Construction Superintendent, Safety (Ref: CWD16-0301-W-01) 2016/06/30
Construction Superintendent, Electrical & Mechanical (Ref: CWD16-0300-W-01) 2016/06/30
Assistant Quantity Surveyor (Ref: CWD16-0295, 0305-W-01) 2016/06/30
Assistant Engineer, Systems (Ref: CWD16-0281-W-01) 2016/06/30
Administration Assistant (Ref: ITD16-0003-W-02) 2016/06/30
Project Engineer, BIM (Ref: TRD16-0316) 2016/06/30
Senior Manager, Projects (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0167-02) 2016/06/28
Assistant Manager, Aviation Logistics (Temporary Employment for 6 months) (Ref: AVLO16-0312) 2016/06/28
Construction Safety Engineer (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0174-02) 2016/06/28
Project Engineer, Planning & Programming (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0181) 2016/06/27
Senior Project Engineer, Planning & Programming (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0180) 2016/06/27
Assistant Surveyor (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0172) 2016/06/27
Operation Officer, Standards & Service Delivery (Ref: AIRF16-0255-W-02) 2016/06/23
Human Resources Officer (Ref: HRA16-0273-01) 2016/06/22
Operation Officer, Customer Service (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: T1CS16-0218) 2016/06/22
Operation Officer, Baggage Handling (Ref: AIRF16-0041) 2016/06/22
Operation Officer, Airfield (Ref: AIRF16-0241) 2016/06/22
Senior Officer, Retail (Ref: RAD16-0278) 2016/06/22
Assistant Manager, Retail (Ref: RAD16-0277) 2016/06/22
Project Engineer, Risk (Fixed-Term Contract) (Ref: TRD16-0178) 2016/06/21

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