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Invitation to Tender
Three Runway System Project
Contract 3151 – Construction Support Facilities Construction Planning and Design Consultancy Services
(Contract 3151)

The Airport Authority (the “Authority”) is undertaking to expand the existing two runway system at Hong Kong International Airport into a three runway system (3RS).

This Contract includes construction and logistic planning and design of Construction Support Facilities (CSFs) required to service and facilitate the construction works to be carried out on the new reclaimed land for the 3RS project. The CSFs to be studied and designed under this Contract comprises the following:

(a)  Infrastructure; such as site offices, haul roads, utility services and site security fence and gate houses, etc; and

(b)  Facilities; including:
      (i)    Marine transport facilities
      (ii)   Land transport facilities
      (iii)  Welfare facilities such as catering and canteen facilities
      (iv)  Medical facilities
      (v)   Material testing facilities
      (vi)  Waste management facilities
      (vii) Sewage management facilities

The Authority hereby invites tenders from consultants with PROVEN EXPERIENCE and the CAPABILITY to provide construction and logistic planning and design services for the CSFs. Suitable consultants will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience and ability in undertaking the Contract.

Applicant shall register in the Authority’s ePROS Website (http://epros.hkairport.com) and establish a “Registered Account” to log onto the ePROS website for obtaining the tender documents. 

Tenderers will be required to submit a tender bond in the amount of HK$300,000 with the tender.

Tenders for this Contract shall be submitted to the Authority via ePROS Website not later than 16:30 (Hong Kong time) on Thursday, 26 October 2017.

All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant.