Special Announcement
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NCD Committee Terms of Reference

1. To oversee the master planning of NCD development with the objectives of maximizing the commercial value and development potential of the land in the best interest of the airport.
2. To advise and make recommendations to the Board on the development strategies for the NCD site.
3. To approve or make recommendations to the Board on major terms and conditions of commercial tenders for NCD development and the award of such tenders.
4. To advise on interfacing issues between NCD and other developments within the vicinity such as 3RS, HKBCF, Lantau developments, etc.
5. To advise on transport link and connectivity issues in relation to NCD development.
6. To monitor the progress of NCD development.
7. To oversee and advise on the marketing programmes relating to NCD development.
8. Any other matters as delegated to it by the Board.
9. The delegated authority of this Committee is HK$1,000 million for routine commitments (1); HK$500 million for non-routine commitments; and HK$100 million for consultancies.

(1) Routine commitments involve contracts/ agreements that are subject to competitive tender in accordance with AA's procurement policy and procedures, and the relevant tender award is in accordance with the tender evaluation criteria and result. Any commitment that does not meet the above criteria will be regarded as non-routine. Typical examples of non-routine commitments include those involving sole sourcing, direct negotiation, tender not being awarded to the highest scorer, etc.