Special Announcement

Training and learning curriculum

During the two-year programme, the trainees will undergo an intensive development scheme incorporating classroom training, on-the-job training and personalised rotations to different businesses and functions.
They will be equipped with general airport management skills to assume further responsibilities at Hong Kong International Airport.

We provide a well-defined curriculum with emphasis on core airport management competency.

To continuously enhance the trainees’ knowledge, competency and experience, the Management Trainee Programme offers:

  • A structured and standardised training curriculum focusing on core airport management competency;
  • Job rotations to different functions in which the trainees will undergo on-the-job training and perform meaningful roles;
  • Corporate-wide exposure and development opportunities.

First 4 months

  • Rotate to various departments to familiarise the trainees with diversified airport operations and businesses
  • Build the breadth and depth of the airport’s core business and operations

5th to 24th month

  • Undertake two postings in key departments, each of which lasts 9 to 10 months

After the two years’ training scheme

  • Continuous development and progression through job rotations, which may include outport posting. Duration of each rotation will be subject to individual performance and organisational requirements
  • The trainees’ assignments and postings will continue to be monitored by the top management