Special Announcement

Training curriculum

During the two-year / three-year programme* , the graduate engineers will undergo intensive training incorporating classroom training, e-learning sessions, on-the-job training as well as job assignments in different technical functions, which may include secondment to external consultants.

The graduate engineers will be under the guidance and supervision of an engineering supervisor and a training tutor during the programme. They will be equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills set under The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Scheme "A" training requirements to assume further technical and management responsibilities at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

General Training Activities
Building Services / Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical Engineering Streams
(2-year programme)
Civil Engineering Stream
(3-year programme)
Corporate Induction
1 week
1 week
Departmental Induction / General professional fundamentals
6 weeks
9 weeks
Design practices / project programming / procurement
51 weeks
62 weeks
Tender preparation and evaluation / contract administration
22 weeks
24 weeks
Specific project attachment / other skills
24 weeks
60 weeks

* The two-year programme is applicable to graduates from Building Services / Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical Engineering streams. For Civil Engineering graduates, the programme will last for three years.