Special Announcement

3RS Committee Terms of Reference


1. To oversee the 3RS project from planning, project implementation to successful completion of the project on time and within budget including:
(a) to advise and make recommendations to the Board on all key policy matters relating to the 3RS project including, inter alia, EIA progress, scheme design, funding option study, preparation works, project scope and phasing issues, cost control, compensation issues, etc;
(b) to review and approve the procurement strategy of 3RS works contracts and consultancy agreements, including the relevant scope, procurement options, estimated cost and evaluation criteria for such works contracts and consultancy agreements;
(c) to review and approve(1) or make recommendation to the Board on the award of 3RS works contracts and consultancy agreements;
(d) to review and approve or make recommendations to the Board as appropriate on contract variations that exceeded the approved project control budget;
(e) to monitor the progress and implementation of mitigation directions/measures and other commitments as undertaken in the 3RS EIA Report and advise on AA’s execution plan, as appropriate;
(f) to advise on interfacing issues between 3RS and other developments within the vicinity such as NCD development as well as the existing airport operation;
(g) to oversee and advise on the formulation and implementation of 3RS-related engagement and public relations strategies and plans covering areas such as stakeholders engagement, community relations, gaining public support, etc; and
(h) to ensure smooth implementation of the project and make regular report to the Board on project progress.
2. Any other matters as delegated to it by the Board.

(1) Up to $500M for works contracts and $100M for consultancy agreements.